Members and friends do far more than come to worship or attend classes. A variety of boards, committees and groups make this church flourish. Here is a quick guide to community life at Fountain Street Church
  • Boards are elected only, and report to the congregation at large.
  • Committees help the clergy and staff, and are open to members and friends alike.
  • Charter Groups serve a particular purpose as defined by the Governing Board.
  • There are Activities that are part of staffed programs.
  • Finally, there are Interest Groups, informal self organized activities that operate in addition to church programs. 

Governing Board

Comprised of 15 members who oversee the physical and institutional integrity of the church. One third is elected by the membership at each annual meeting. They meet monthly.

The FSC Governing Board operates under a system called Policy Governance, which puts mission and vision in the hands of the Board and management of that vision in the hands of the staff. Every three years they establish “Ends” which they monitor through the year to measure progress.

Foundation Board

The FSC Foundation Board oversees invested funds which are used to improve the building and provide funding for some dedicated funds. The nine members are appointed by the congregation, the Governing Board and the Senior Minister. They oversee investment policy and practice, and promote planned giving through the Liberal Legacy Society (link to pdf version of their prochure). They also manage dedicated funds that support the Choice Fund, Social Action, Religious Education, and Music. No funds from the Foundation support basic operations or staffing.


  • The Grow the Soul Committee plans and organizes the curricula and courses used in our Grow the Soul ministries.
  • The Religious Services Committee advises and assists the clergy in overseeing the worship life of the church. They are especially involved in arranging for summer chapel services which are led by lay members.
  • Youth and Adult Education (links are blue), actually two groups, who plan and organize the curricula and courses used in our lifespan education ministry. Click here for more information on those programs.
  • The Social Action Committee researches projects and topics that express our broad principles, so that the church or a group of members may elect to respond by offering a service, educating the public, or creating partnerships with groups that deserve our support.
  • The Properties Committee advises and assists the Executive Director in planning maintenance, repairs, and improvements.
  • The Communications Committee helps design and improve our many uses of print, internet, and audio-visual sources. They also help form our public relations work.
  • The Music Committee helps coordinates the many musical activities at FSC, including three choirs and many guest musicians.
  • The Stewardship Committee plans the Annual Pledge Campaign each year, as well as other events to raise operating funds for the Church.
  • The Archives Committee organizes historical/archival material for the church to preserve our history and make information available in an organized environment.
  • The Linkage Committee Committee of the Board.
  • The Executive Committee
  • The Nominating Committee Committee of the Board.
  • The Membership Committee
  • The Officers Committee Committee of the Board
  • The Oversight Committee Committee of the Board
  • The Business Affairs Committee
  • The Personnel Committee

Charter Groups

  • The Art Committee functions as a screening body for art purchases, acquisitions, and gifts to the church. 
  • The Duncan Littlefair Great Speakers researches and organizes events that bring notable experts to Grand Rapids. Click here for more information.
  • The Choice Fund Board oversees distributions of loans to women in need of reproductive services. To find out more, please contact the church.
  • The Choir Board organizes activities of the Adult Choir, including summer choir camp and various social events.

Service Groups

  • The Women's Association includes three working fundraising guilds, one service guild and a spirituality guild. It includes male members as well as women. The group puts on congregational gatherings, programs, a blood drive, and finds other ways to bring members closer together.  
  • The Choir contributes a variety of excellent music in worship at FSC. The Choir is open to all who have a gift for singing, a desire to use that gift in service to the church, and a willingness to invest the time to put the two together.
  • The Ushers/Greeters greet you at the door with a smile, give you a program, and help you to a seat, if you need it. They are also available before and after church if someone needs help to find a staff member.

Caring Ministries

Under the guidance and support of our Caring Ministries Coordinator, Donna Clark, clergy, staff and members support and sustain one another in times of need.

  • First Responders are members who are trained to make first contact when a problem or crisis arises. They help determine which of our services can best serve. You can find out more by contacting the Caring Ministry Coordinator.
  • Minister of Visitation - the Rev. Dr. David L. Smith, is available to visit and connect with our less ambulatory members. He maintains contact with a variety of folks in the area and also officiates at memorials as requested. He may be contacted through the Senior Minister, with whom he works directly.
  • Befrienders is a lay ministry of listening - After extensive training they are ready to engage those dealing with loss or grief who would like a friendly and non judgmental ear. To learn more about them, to request a friend or to become one, contact the Caring Ministry Coordinator.
  • Health and Wellness Task Force - These members provide a variety of services through the year, including blood pressure screening and flu vaccinations. They are planning ways to expand their role and service.
  • Bereavement and Loss Support – a group for those enduring grief or other loss is under development. Call the Caring Ministry Coordinator for updates on when and how.

Journey Groups

  • FSC Young Adults Community (20-40 something) gathers together, usually the 2nd Saturday of each month, to participate in a variety of activities.  Some gatherings are adult-focused; others are kid-friendly for young families to enjoy together.

Shared Interest Groups

  • Bridge Marathon 
  • Come Sit With Us
  • Dinners for Eight 
  • Golf
  • Exploring Beliefs & Questions
  • Friday Morning Poetry
  • Bike
  • Gardeners
  • Organic Living
  • Poker & Philosophy
  • Knitting
  • Tour Guides
  • Tutors
  • Wellspring
  • Wellness Ministry
  • Kayak
  • Singles
  • Poetry
  • Softball
  • Parent's Circle
  • Women's Intergenerational Book Club
If you would like to join one, let us know and we’ll put you in touch (Contact Heather Barretta ).  If you would like to start one, let us know that too.